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Wolfgang Container is proud to provide our loyal customers with glass bottles wholesale for an affordable price! Combining our years of industry experience with a modern approach to business, we’re able to sell a variety of high quality, safe products. From essential oil bottles and dropper bottles to plastic bottles, Wolfgang Container is here to serve your bottle needs. We also have Boston round glass bottles wholesale in stock, perfect for companies in the medical and chemical industries. Whatever your business requires, our team will work closely with you in order to customize our products to your individual needs.

Be sure to browse our online store to learn more about our wide variety of glass bottles. Saving money for your business, wherever you can, allows you to take on more as a company. Buying glass bottles wholesale will save you time and money down the road, so what are you waiting for? Trust Wolfgang Container to find the type of glass bottles that are right for you!

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Dropper bottle

Horizontal or Vertical Dropper: Which Is Preferred?

If you're bottling essential oils and other liquids that you hope to protect, but also use with ease, then you essentially have one type of container to consider: a glass bottle with a dropper. But glass dropper bottles aren't all...

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Reasons to Choose Amber Glass Bottles for Storing E-Liquids

The vaping and e-liquid industries have exploded in recent years. They've become staples of social events, public gatherings, and virtually anywhere that you want to make an impact. But with vaping comes its related paraphernalia and that includes storage bottles...

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Boston round bottle

The Origin of the Boston Round Bottle

The Boston round bottle is a familiar sight in drug stores, hospitals, research facilities and the occasional school science lab. These cylindrical glass or plastic containers are widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Boston rounds are typically recognized...

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