Choosing the Right Bottle Tops for Boston Round Bottles

Boston Round Bottles

A Safe Choice

Whether you’re storing edible seasonings, de-potting makeup, or stockpiling essential oils, you can be sure glass is a storage choice that will never go out of style. Glass is often viewed as one of the only truly “safe” storage options in that it will not leach potential harmful chemicals into its contents. It can also be used again and again, and in most cases, it will last indefinitely, thereby saving money for those who choose to use it. Black Boston round glass bottles are a great choice for storage, and your choice in tops for them will dictated by their contents and how you choose to distribute those substances.

Choosing Tops

When choosing tops for your round glass bottles, you must first determine how easily the contents will be to remove. If you’re de-potting your favorite makeup foundation into one of these containers, for instance, you’ll probably be fine with a screw-on bottle top. Once you remove it, you can simply tap the bottle into your hand to dispense an appropriate amount of the makeup. If you’re storing essential oils, on the other hand, a dropper-style top will serve you much better. These types of tops, with their tear-shaped rubber bulbs and glass pipettes, will allow for measured collection and distribution of substances that need to be treated with care. The last thing you want, after all, is to spill your precious lavender oil just as you’re getting ready to put a few drops into your diffuser to aid in a good night’s sleep for your fussy newborn.

Child Safety

Something else you may want to look into when choosing tops for your black Boston round glass bottles is the option of child safety caps. Most caps that screw on, whether they are standard-issue or dropper-style, do come with this option, and it’s one that will serve you well if you have small children in your home. If you’re storing anything that doesn’t need to end up in their mouths, or if you’re simply using your bottles for substances that you want to keep absolutely safe from spills, child safety tops are a must. And remember, no matter the tops you choose, glass does have one vice in that it breaks more easily than other materials, so choose carefully when finding a place for your glass bottles to live permanently.

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