Horizontal or Vertical Dropper: Which Is Preferred?

If you're bottling essential oils and other liquids that you hope to protect, but also use with ease, then you essentially have one type of container to consider: a glass bottle with a dropper. But glass dropper bottles aren't all the same either. They tend to come in two specific types: horizontal or vertical dropper. Care for your products and read on to learn which type of container is right for your needs.

Flow Rates

The basic difference between horizontal and vertical droppers comes down to flow rate. The ideal flow rate, or speed and amount of liquid that escapes the dropper, needs consideration. If too much comes out, then you're wasting valuable essential oils, eliquid, and other products. Too slow, and you'll be tempted to just throw the dropper away and pour out of an open neck. 

Good flow rates minimize waste, messes, and headaches. Different dropper inserts will produce different flow rates. Overall, the major difference between horizontal and vertical droppers is the flow rate of each, and the type of liquid for which each is most appropriate. 

These are the distinct differences between the two.

Horizontal Droppers

These droppers include rim dispensing features, and are excellent for pairing with tamper-evident or child-resistant caps. They can be applied to plastic bottles or amber bottles made of glass. Tip the bottle nearly just above horizontally and then tap the bottle for liquids to begin exiting the bottle. A horizontal dropper doesn't necessarily look different than a vertical dropper. Rather, it gets its name from the ideal use of the dropper. 

A horizontal dropper is ideal for thin liquids, including lavender and citrus essential oils. These oils have a low viscosity, so they'll flow appropriately out of a horizontal dropper. However, these are very versatile droppers for use with many different products, especially essential oils. It's also easier to cap and store a horizontal dropper bottle.

Colorful dropper

Vertical Droppers

Just like horizontal droppers, vertical droppers get their name from their ideal method of use. Tip the bottle completely upside-down for liquids to dispense.  Vertical droppers offer a clean pour every time; oils won't form around the rim and spill out. 

Even better, vertical droppers offer a more precise drop. This is perfect for delicate products that need to be used carefully. For instance, peppermint essential oils can burn the skin if too much direct contact occurs. These droppers are also great for candle-making, which rely on precise measurements of scented liquids. 

Thankfully, vertical droppers also offer drip-back, so undispensed liquids will flow back into the container, rather than staying inside the dropper. 

Overall, horizontal and vertical droppers are more appropriate for different types of liquids, different needs, and whether you're bottling for yourself or for customers.

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