Reasons to Choose Boston Round Bottle for Storing Essential Oils

One question that just about everyone associated with essential oils asks is about storage of them and what type of container to use. The type of container, whether it’s clear Boston round glass bottles, a darker version of them or some other bottle type, is vital to preserving the contents in the most effective form possible. Here are some reasons why your bottling and storage of essential oils can make or break the oil in terms of effectiveness.

Time Is the Enemy

Unlike many liquids, essential oils do not go rancid. They will, however, oxidize and deteriorate over time. This causes them to lose their potency as well as their aroma and therapeutic benefits. Stored improperly, some essential oils can become ineffective in as little as six months.

Not all essential oils suffer as quickly. Some, such as patchouli and sandalwood actually mature over time like a wine or whiskey, but eventually, all essential oils will age, oxidize and become ineffective. The only way a manufacturer can combat this is to package them in a way that their decomposition is delayed.

Bottle Choice Helps

The best way to delay deterioration of essential oils is to store them in darker glass bottles. Some manufacturers opt for buying colored Boston round glass bottles wholesale and storing their entire lot or batches in them. This at least will delay the deterioration process as it will keep sunlight from getting to the oil inside. Other vendors will avoid plastic bottles or utilize lined bottles. Some vendors actually use aluminum bottles to store essential oils, which works in delaying deterioration if the bottles are lined properly.

Oils Like Cool and Dark

The true enemy of essential oils is heat and light. Both individually can cause essential oils to deteriorate, but together, they can work in tandem and cause breakdown quicker. That makes storing your essential oils in bottles like black Boston round glass bottles or some other darker color and in a cool place, like a refrigerator, vital to ensuring your oils stay effective for as long as possible.

Essential oils are not delicate, but they will break down over time. The key to delaying that is to store them in clear Boston round glass bottles at a minimum and in a cool, dark place. Black, amber, or blue colored bottles help avoid deterioration even further.


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