Types of E-Liquid Containers That Suit Your Needs

Types of E-Liquid Containers That Suit

The vaping professionals and e-liquid lovers at WOLFGANG CONTAINER know that no two enthusiasts have precisely the same preferences or habits. That's why it's so important to offer a variety of options to customers. From flavors to containers, everyone has their idea of what vaping accessories should be. Of course, there's no wrong combination or selection, so the aficionados at WOLFGANG CONTAINER are proud to support all manner of hobbyists and enthusiasts, from the novice to the most seasoned of vaping veterans. While there's no necessarily a right or proper choice, there are pros and cons to every item. If you want to get the most agreeable of the available selections, you should know a little bit about what's offered on the market today. Learn about the different types of e-liquid containers so you can discover what best suits your needs.


E-liquid bottles come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Childproof and tamper-evident bottles are standard fare these days, so you don't need to worry about mishandling. The tops and caps are another matter. Some people prefer unicorn bottles, while others love a chubby gorilla or even a needle tip. Ultimately, it depends on how you like to pour and apply your e-juice. Do you want something more accurate and delicate, or do you like a simpler and easier, go-for-broke approach? It's entirely up to you, since there are many styles and shapes to choose from.


Droppers have been popular for as long as vaping has been around. Careful application and dabbing of e-liquid is not at all uncommon. There are some vapers that prefer to be exceedingly careful, which makes the dropper a natural choice. Childproof and tamper-evident droppers are just as common as their bottle counterparts, so you don't have to sacrifice safety or security if you choose a dropper as your container of choice. Smaller and larger sizes are offered, and you can certainly always choose to collect an assortment.

Plastic or Glass

Some people are die-hard fans of one or the other, but obviously both are viable options. Both bottles and droppers come in glass or plastic, so there's really no need to let the material skew your choice. You can find both in clear or colored, although glass is considered by some to be more aesthetically pleasing. Of course, that's simply a matter of opinion, and you should go with appeals to you. In reality, there's no right or wrong way to store your e-liquid, provided that you're using a responsible and safe container.
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