French Square Bottle - 30ml Clear

by Wolfgang Container
R028-30ml / B -1

The French Square design is timeless. It could be used for a different variety of products such as spices, salts, essential oils, beard oil, and e-liquid juices to name a few. Clear bottles make an ideal display container for your product. This 30 ml (1 oz) bottle is square-shaped with rounded edges and has a neck size of 20-400. Its high resistance to chemicals level and hot and cold temperatures makes it an excellent choice for storing e-liquid, essential oils, chemicals, beard oils, and other liquids. All bottles are sealed and packed with internal corrugated dividers that protect them from damage during storage and shipping.


Material Type : Glass
Capacity : 30 ml (1 oz)
Color : Clear (Flint)
Shape : French Square
Cap Size : 20-400
Diameter : 1.29"
Height : 3.08"